Who are we and what makes us different?
The Kingdom was created by a group of people who were sick of the $30,000 up sells at the back of the room of a traveling guru circus...I mean conference. We created a family that is aligned with a singular vision of financial freedom.
Daily Education:
In it's simplest form we are a "daily bread" styled education platform. Our mentors share from a place of experience on a daily basis. 
  • If we are working on a deal we share about it. How we found it, how we funded it, what the offer was. The actual numbers
  • If we are raising money we share the strategy, how we found it, what terms we offered.
  • If we had a LOSS, we explain what happened. Why! What we are doing to remedy. 
  •  Q&A's. On a daily basis we allow members to ask direct questions to us live.
Full Length Academies
In addition to our daily live content we also have pre recorded, full length academies. Some people learn best this way. Here are the current academies:
  • Wholesaling academy
  • Buy & Hold Academy
  • Private Money Academy 
  •  Marketing Academy (being finished)
  •  Interviews (all of the 6 and 7 Figure earners we've interviewed)
  •  Live Q&A Vault (dozens of live Q&A session replays) 
The Files section is our hidden gem in the community. Although it may not seem like much we have 300+ written files, guides, how to's.
  • Purchase Agreement, assignment contract, JV contract (examples)
  • Step by Step Guides on wholesale, buy and hold, private money
  • Deal Analysis calculators - Spreadsheets that make analysis a piece of cake
  •  Case Studies 
  •  Investment tips and strategies
  •   Etc.... there's hundreds more i'm neglecting to mention. Come see for yourself
The VAULT! ***Why you should never buy a course again***
Now the content above is worth 100X what we charge but it just keeps getting better and better. I affectionately call this "the vault" because every. single. freaking. live Video we've ever done is stored in The Vault.  This is 3 years of content! WELL over ONE THOUSAND hours of footage
  • You get behind the scenes footage of our projects
  • Un scripted, raw, real and relevant lives nobody else has seen.
  • Jordan's infamous "3 a.m Garage Videos" 
  •  Hundreds of jaw dropping, rip your face off, gut punch accountability calls
  •  Mindset and transformation videos from industry leading experts
  •  And that's not even 1% of the videos in the vault.
"I paid over $40k in mentor fees prior. This group provides the same value"
-Aaron Merges
"Since joining the kingdom the mentors helped me close my first deal in 3 weeks"
-Paris Ryan
"I'm on my way to securing 1mil in private money funding because of this group"

-Ahsen Khan
"If they charged 10x it'd still be worth it."

-Anthony Jones
Included Curriculum:
And MUCH Much more...
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