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What is The Kingdom?

On September 12, 2016 a group of 50 people set out to create their own community.

In a sense they were sick of traditional Real Estate Mentors and Education. They wanted to create something that was member ran rather than guru ran.

  •  “We want collaboration over information”

  •  We want to have a say in who mentors us.”

  •  “We want to be able to hang out all night without restrictions on what we talk about.”

  • "We want to be able to vacation together and truly invest into eachother"

  • "We want a co-op rather than a hierarchy."

The rest was history.

 Six years later and almost 10,000 people reached and impacted we arrive here, today.


The Kingdom today:


Today The Kingdom has 1,000 + awesome family members who spend time together daily.

  1. We feature heavy hitters who have collectively closed 20,000 transactions

  2.  We have 2000 + hours of member and mentor recorded content that is available to ALL

  3. We have worked with and helped almost 10,000 people pursue financial freedom.

  4. We have industry leading investors on every topic imaginable in REI.

  5. We have traveled the globe together and vacationed together in epic locations.

  6. We have worked with members as young as 16 all the way up to 70 years old.

  7. Unlike most facebook groups our members actually care & help on a daily basis, often with live video calls.

  8. We consider ourselves "Multi Level Mentoring" meaning once you have started doing deals you often help new members.

  9. We provide more content, collaboration and community than most $30,000 programs.

  10. As odd as this sounds, our community cares about each other. We all want everyone to win.



Over the past few years our members have closed over 10 MILLION dollars worth of transactions. Here are a few:

So what's included?

More than we could fit on this page, but below is an idea of what your membership includes.

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