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Five years ago 50 people  got fed up with the Guru B.S and set out to create their own experience. They wanted community, relationship, accountability and world class training without dictatorship. They were sick of lifeless courses and jam packed conferences so they created a co-op of people who all wanted the same thing. Freedom!

5 years later and over 5,000 students  in 14 countries we arrive here today. Tens of Millions in deals done, thousands of units purchased and hundreds of free people!

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"The Kingdom is like no other. I honestly hate giving reviews but The Kingdom is more than a course, a mentorship, a training program. It is very cliche but the are a family. I am a fairly shy person and an introvert but I really felt at home with this group of people. They share their failures and success being the most transparent group I have ever connected with. There is no way to express what The Kingdom is. I am at a loss for words but I do know that I made the right decision." - Quevontae Summers


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A lot of people praise us for our curriculum because it features 6 full length academies and 2,000 additional hours of training BUT it's not the curriculum that get's people free. It's the mentorship, the daily accountability and relationships that unlocks doors.

What makes us unique is our mentors teach and share live every day. 365 days a year. These are often real life scenarios, experiences, deals we are doing and lessons we've learned.

Not gurus. Mentors. 
Most of our mentors are students who took the curriculum and ran with it. They are now doing $100,000 a month or more and give back by teaching, training and guiding. We feature 12+ mentors currently.

Our curriculum is two fold. We have 6 full length academies on the website that you get access to as well as a vault of 2,000 + video's, teachings, trainings, deal analysis. You will never run out of content because we add to it daily.

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*12+ mentors
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*2,000 additional hours of training
*Daily live training
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*In person meetings
*Accountability groups
*Deal Review/ Analysis
*Marketing guidance
*Cold Call and Script help

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Our community travels all over the U.S together. We rent out mansions and luxury houses to spend 3-5 days masterminding, working deals, networking and growing as investors.

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